Jiwa Financials

$125,000 potential value in 5 ERP Software Demonstrations (in 4 months)

Case Study

LinkedIn Lead Generation

At Fortissimo Marketing, firmly believe that marketing, applied correctly, helps make selling easy!


Our client, Jiwa Financials, is an Australian-owned and operated company that builds and delivers quality Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.


Prior to working with us, Jiwa had been relying on traditional methods of business development and sales to grow the business.


What We Did

In October 2020, Jiwa Financials engaged us to apply our counter-intuitive LinkedIn Lead Generation process, which we gladly agreed to do.


Typically, the process we use (outlined in more detail in our previous case study) includes a non-salesy introductory message, offering to send “more information” if the contact were interested.


As Jiwa is currently at the tail-end of finalising their new company brochure, we altered our process and message formula to offer their “Definite Guide to Making a Business System Transition” instead – a high value lead magnet PDF they had developed previously.

The Results

Over the course of 4 months of our daily, systematic activity on LinkedIn, which is still continuing at the time of writing, we managed to increase David’s (Jiwa’s Business Development Manager’s) network by 46.28% - 1077 new connections - and generated 26 requests for the above-mentioned lead magnet.


Of these 26 information requests, David has been able to book in 5 ERP software demonstrations, potentially worth approx. $125,000 to the business.


Obviously, the sales cycle will continue and be managed by Jiwa from here, however if even just one of those software demonstrations results a new client for company, this would equal a Return on Investment (ROI) of approx. 400%.


Needless to say, we’d love for all of them to convert of course, which would mean an ROI of 2400% - but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. 😉


In any case, we look forward to continuing our work together with the wonderful people of Jiwa Financials over the coming months!

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