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Ardent Commercial Interiors

$212,000.00 in Won Contracts (in 3 Months)

Case Study

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Ardent is a commercial fitout company based in Christchurch, New Zealand.


As part of their business growth plan, they had decided to also move into the Passive Fire Protection market.


Prior to engaging Fortissimo Marketing, Ardent’s main source of revenue came from repeat business and word of mouth, however there was no structured approach to any form of marketing at that stage.

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What We Did

Towards the end of 2019, Ardent hired us for 3 months, to apply our unique LinkedIn Lead Generation system to their business, to help them gain more traction in the Passive Fire Protection space.

This included:

  1. Managing the Director’s personal LinkedIn account (standard premium account)

  2. Rewriting their profile (headline & summary) to clearly communicate with their target market

  3. Creating content posts to be published 3 times per week, showcasing Ardent’s work and educating their audience on what they do

  4. Sending out new connection requests every day to ideal contact people in Ardent’s market

  5. Crafting a unique messaging sequence, aimed to connect and engage new connections in a very low-pressure, non-salesy way

  6. Notifying the client of any new leads daily, to ensure they were followed up appropriately.

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Our unique LinkedIn messaging sequence comprises 4 messages:


The "Hello" Message

This is sent shortly after the connection request has been accepted. This is literally meant to simply be a "hello, great to connect" kind of message - with NO call to action (CTA) of ANY kind!


Don't be tempted to casually drop in your website URL under the guise of "if you'd like to see what we do...". This doesn't work - we've tested it and the response rate drops by 25%!

The "Intro" Message

This is sent 1 week after the initial contact. This Message aims to start a conversation by broadly introducing oneself and offering to send some more information should the contact be interested.


The key here is to be very casual about it, and conversational, rather than use typical calls-to-action. LinkedIn is still a social media platform, so this should remain top of mind!



The "Info" Message

This is sent to anyone replying to the "Intro" Message, requesting the information. This is kept short and simple, attaching a PDF brochure providing information on the company and its services.

The "Follow-Up" Message

Sent a few days after the "Info" Message. As the saying goes: "The fortune is in the follow-up", and the same applies here. Again, the follow-ups are kept short and friendly, simply asking if they wished to discuss things further, in a very non-threatening way.


Shortly after we had completed this particular campaign,

we received the following in an email from the Managing Director:

"I wanted to give you an update on the success highlights of your efforts within our business… please feel free to promote these stats in your business as I believe them to be worthy of stating;


Real leads generated into opportunity – 79

Leads converted into work priced - $423,000 (NZ)

Work priced converted into secured pipeline of sales (Contracts Received) - $212,000 +GST  

This is directly measured and attributed to our marketing push via LinkedIn! In just 3 months!!!!"

Naturally, we absolutely LOVED hearing this kind of feedback, because creating real results for our clients is our entire reason for being!

The Post Lead-Generation Sales Process

We felt, however, that although we were super happy to have generated all these leads that resulted in those won contracts, there would also be a certain skill required to converting those leads once they came in and we handed them over to the client…


So, we asked the question as to how they did it, and the answer may come as a bit of a surprise to some.

Ardent believes in building relationships first and foremost. So, after the leads came through and they received their prospects' email addresses (which we didn't ask for but they had provided voluntarily!), the client would send them an extended introductory email, outlining how they help their clients, and where they add value.

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