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Meet the Team

A great bunch of people with our clients' best interests at heart

Meet Doreen Francois

Founder & Managing Director

“She always has a smiling face and brings a positive vibe to our business.” 

Paul Waters

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Our People

10+ Years' Industrial Sector Experience

With over 10 years of business development experience within the industrial sector - in a few cases being the only female in her role in the country - Doreen has learnt how to communicate effectively with people across all levels: 


From the guys onsite, to workshop technicians, engineers, project managers and CEOs.


Industries in which she has gained valuable experience during her BDM career, include:

  • Civil Construction

  • Engineering

  • Fabrication

  • Mining 

Passionate about the Industry

What draws Doreen to these industries is the kind of people she gets to deal with, which are typically good, down-to-earth humans who are great at what they do in their respective fields.


Although she finds herself onsite a little less these days than what she used to be, Doreen still gets excited when she sees road profilers, foundation drills and other heavy equipment parked on the side of the road!


Yes, she’s a bit of a geek that way, but isn’t that the kind of person you’d want to have working on your marketing?

These days, she has infected her team with the same passion for the industry and people within it.

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No Fluff, No B.S


Doreen’s pragmatic approach to marketing has become very much appreciated among her audience.


When you work with Doreen and the Team at Fortissimo Marketing, you don’t just hire us to blindly agree with everything.


Doreen will quite bluntly tell you how it is, what you need, and what you don’t need.


She’ll also tell you if and when you’re wasting your money – and yes, she even openly advises against our own services if she doesn’t believe they will be of value to you.


Seriously, who does that?!

Meet the Team

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Judie Ranoco

Admin/Marketing Coordinator

Judie is a highly valued member of the Fortissimo team. Always reliable, and her can-do attitude is out of this world! There is nothing she won’t work on and learn if it means improving her skills.


In her role as our admin assistant/marketing coordinator, Judie supports the business immensely and ensures we stay organised and our clients are well looked after.


She’s a true team player and… we just love ya, girl!


She fits right into the Fortissimo culture with her love for good food and coffee, and her “alter ego” has her tearing up the roads on her motorbike in her spare time!

Katelyn Broom

Project Manager & Senior Copywriter

Our dear Katelyn is a naturally-gifted project manager who also happens to write really, really good!


She looks after our day to day projects and operations, keeping the team on task and on schedule, liaises with clients on the daily and also handles our major copywriting projects.


Katelyn is a total geek at heart - fantasy fiction, sci-fi, pop culture conventions, board games, graphic novels/anime, D&D.


She also loves cats…. Umm yeah, we’ve decided not to hold that one against her!


Leiannah Cayan

Graphic Designer

Leiannah's favourite thing about working at Fortissimo is being part of a strong team that works hard but isn’t afraid to have a bit of fun. She really enjoys the focus on teamwork that plays a huge role in the Fortissimo values.


Outside the design studio, Leiannah loves checking out live music events on weekends, op shopping, hanging out with her three very cute dogs, scoping out the best ramen and sushi hubs in her town, staying up to date with her household chores (clean sheets at least every two weeks are a must) and organising social events to spend time with her friends and family.


She’s a HUGE fan of horror movies, recently adding some Addams Family artwork to her tattoo collection.

Angie Sheahan

Junior Copywriter

Prior to joining the team, Angie completed a Bachelor of Applied Science, and comes from a background in hospital administration and veterinary nursing.


Since she can remember, she has always had a passion for writing, and enjoyed writing creative stories during her high school years. Outside of her work with FM, she loves gaming, anime, cars, her rescue greyhound Fanta, and her frog Dexter.


She is actually obsessed with frogs and anything frog related, and has collected anything froggy since she was little.


Faith Estimada

Admin & Marketing Support

A lover of great coffee and personal development, Faith has been a valued member of the Fortissimo Marketing Team for close to a year now!


She’s a fabulous multi-tasker, always willing to take on any kind of work we throw at her, even assisting with some of our internal processes and filling in for Katelyn while she’s on holidays.


Thank you for everything you do for us, Faith!

Craig Small

Web Developer

Bringing some 12 years of web development experience to the party, Craig is one of our website super-brains!


Always helpful and full of ideas, Craig is able to pull together solutions to just about any website issue for our clients, regardless of how complex these may be.


In his free time (when his family lets him), he indulges in his passion for music… He wrote his first song at the age of 15 and is a self-taught guitarist from the tender age of 12 – wow!

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Nat head shot.jpg

Natalia Mroz


Natalia is a photographer who creates powerful images to help businesses look their best and tell their story to the world! For over 15 years, Natalia worked on the strategic side of communications, crafting global media campaigns to promote organisations such as the United Nations, government agencies, universities and corporations.  

Realising the power of visual storytelling early on, Natalia now translates her experience into photography, creating innovative audio-visual content for international brands. Photography has taken her from her home in Sydney to Europe, Central America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Africa.

Natalia’s personal work and incurable sense of adventure usually find her camped under the stars, with her trusty 4x4, listening to local stories and legends. Her portraits and landscapes pay homage to the beauty and culture of remote places, communities and indigenous people. 

She strongly believes coffee and cameras are equally important to crafting beautiful images! 

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