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Visibility & Credibility 

Improve your online presence and position your business as a leader in your market.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Love it or hate it, social media has become an integral part of life for most people – and businesses, too!


As an example: In Australia, as at April 2023, there are nearly 22 million active Facebook users. This accounts for over 81% of the population.


This means that just about every qualified adult is active on social media, meaning that we most definitely shouldn’t ignore this media when thinking about how best to market our businesses.


For us here at Fortissimo Marketing, social media marketing is, by far, our most popular service.


We create content and manage our clients’ accounts, and stay abreast of the ever-changing algorithms and best practices for each platform.


Organic vs Paid


Organic social media content is content that is published directly to a business page. Unfortunately, the monetisation strategies of the social platforms is in advertising, so the organic content that is published, is limited in the amount of viewers it can reach.


The key to reaching as many viewers as possible is to publish content regularly and consistently.


That being said, one great benefit of creating regular organic content, is that your prospects will see that you are an active business, when they research you online, and it offers a great way to let them get to know you and your brand.


It also helps with your organic search engine ranking (SEO).


To reach more people, however, social media advertising provides a great opportunity if you wish to be seen by more people, grow your following and generate leads. The social platforms have become very sophisticated over the years, as far as targeting is concerned, so you can definitely reach your target market effectively in this way.


The key is in developing the right ad campaign to integrate into your over-arching marketing


We do both!


Organic and paid social media campaigns vary significantly in how they work and are implemented, however the great news is that our team is able to do both and we love it!

Book in for a chat with us to see see how a social media content strategy might help you achieve your business goals.

Related Examples of Our Work

Northcroft Logo On Blue No Back (CMYK).png


Lydia Leung

Northcroft Australia

After speaking with Doreen we knew right away that they
would be able to represent us in the new digital marketing world.

Fortissimo has given time and attention to understand our way of thinking and were able to develop a unique campaign to suit our company. Since then, our digital marketing presence has
expanded to another new level.

Thank you so much for 2022 and as always you and your team have been great in understanding us as Quantity Surveyors and able to deliver such high quality marketing for us.

We really appreciate all your effort and time, taking care of our account.

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