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The Importance of Social Media Marketing for your Business

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

In the new, digital age, there are now many ways to promote your business and get your message heard. Gone are the days of newspaper and magazine advertisements as a top tier marketing strategy.

Social media has paved the way for many businesses to succeed. It provides a platform for businesses to easily be discovered by potential clients and to connect with other businesses from around the world.

Some may see social media marketing as unimportant, but now more than ever it is critical to creating effective business and marketing plans.

Check out these three key reasons as to why social media marketing is vital for the growth of your business...

Social media reach

Social media, as you may be aware, is completely digital. That means your business can be seen by anyone around the world who has access to the internet. This MASSIVELY increases the chances of potential clients seeing your business, and easily provides you with a global platform.

Translation technology is a great feature included on many social media platforms. With an international reach, people in other countries can translate your posts in real time and are able to be read no matter the language the reader speaks.

Now is the best time to branch out and grow your business on a global scale using clever social media marketing.

Targeting capabilities

Many social media platforms include ‘targeting’ features. For example, a person’s search history can affect the posts that appear in their social media feed.

By using social media targeting capabilities to promote your business, you’re far more likely to be seen by potential clients, or even by family/friends of someone working in the same field as your business.

Having a greater social media presence for your business across different platforms allows you to have a greater reach, and enables potential clients to find you with ease through the many ‘targeting’ features of social media platforms.

Stay relevant with current trends and don’t be afraid to be casual

Don’t be afraid to get a little more casual on social media. It is called ‘social’ media after all.

It’s okay to have a joke with your clients, to share a meme or to add a few emojis to your posts. In many cases, this can help your bran

d to be seen as more relatable and personable.

Monitoring your competitors for trends can also help your marketing strategy, as you can see what is working for them and implement it into your strategy. Not to mention, it will help to improve your business’ Organic SEO through relevant content and creates the potential for your business to be backlinked through others.

The influence of social media has boomed over recent years. Many businesses now even only use social media platforms as their main tool for communication and have seen tremendous amounts of growth.

Whilst we would never recommend you rely on just one marketing channel when promoting your business, it would certainly be limiting the potential for your business if you were to exclude social media - use it to your advantage and follow the times!

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