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Systematised Marketing Success for Your Business – the Fortissimo Way!

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The 5D Framework


We are all about developing systems by which we can maximise your results with accuracy each and every time. That's how we came to develop Fortissimo Marketing’s “5D Framework”. 


We’ve found this to be the most common-sense approach to working with our clients and helping them achieve the results they are striving for.


This is an in-depth, multi-dimensional approach to identifying and analysing your business' products and services as well as your target market, and establishing the most practical and cost-effective ways in which to reach them with the most relevant and effective marketing message.

As a result, the 5D Framework is integrated into all our services, and it's how we are able to systematise your marketing success!

The 5D Framework Explained

D1: Define

Understand your business, your target market and your goals

D2: Discover

How can you be your prospects’ hero?

D3: Design

Make buying from you EASY

D4: Develop

Strategic marketing campaigns

D5: Deploy

Implementation & measuring

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Free eBook PLUS Workbook

We developed the 5D Framework to Marketing Success through our work with our clients, and we want to share this framework with you in e-book format (with integrated workbook) to help you grow your business as well.


How to reduce your prospect’s perceived risk and make it EASY for them to buy from you

How to properly identify your target market and Ideal Client

How to develop an awesome “Godfather Offer” for your prospects that they can’t refuse

How to educate your prospects on your specific industry niche and in doing so, position yourself head and shoulders above your competition

How to develop practical and cost-effective marketing strategies

How to make the most of your current assets without spending a fortune and turn them into lead-generating “oil wells” that will work for you while you sleep

"Doreen is the real deal. She is straightforward and doesn't hold back information, which just shows how competent she is and how much value she adds as a marketing coach.  


Doreen is really interested in her clients which makes her approach much more personalised, producing fast and effective results.  


On top of that she is fun and friendly, too! Totally recommend her!"

Cindy Pellegrino

Owner / Commercial Interior Designer - Ara Interiors

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