The 5D Framework -FREE Workbook!

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Are you a business owner looking to find new marketing strategies that actually work, to help your business grow?


Are you struggling to figure out where to even start with it all?


Do you wish someone would just give you a system you could follow, systematically taking you through the entire process? 🤔


Well, you’re in luck, because if you’re reading this, that system is right here, right now, and available for you to download for FREE!


(Yes, I’m a bit nuts but people say they like me for it LOL)


My name is Doreen François, and I’m a super-passionate marketing strategist and director of Fortissimo Marketing.


I love nothing more than helping other business owners dramatically grow their businesses with creative strategies that will leverage their time and talents in the most effective ways.


I do things differently, and providing you’re open to new ideas, then I can help you, too! 😉


I developed the 5D Framework to Marketing Success through my work with my marketing clients, and I want to share this framework with you to help you build your business as well.


In this guide you’ll discover:


✔️ How to reduce your prospect’s perceived risk and make it EASY for them to buy from you

✔️ How to properly identify your target market and Ideal Client

✔️ How to develop a killer “Godfather Offer” for your prospects that they would be silly to refuse

✔️ How to educate your prospects on your specific industry niche and in doing so, position yourself head and shoulders above your competition

✔️ How to develop pragmatic and cost-effective marketing strategies

✔️ How to make the most of your current assets without spending a fortune and turn them into lead-generating “oil wells” that will continue working while you sleep


…and much more.


I’ve updated the previous version with new insights and systems, and have changed the format to include a handy WORKBOOK, so you can write down and develop your ideas as you go.


So what’re you still waiting for?!


The marketing system you’ve been looking for to help you grow your business is right here, all you have to do is let us know where to send it by submitting your name and best email address below! 💪

Wishing you the best of success,

Doreen Francois

Director & Head Marketing Strategist

Fortissimo Marketing