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The Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp

Get Marketing-Fit and grow your business!

Online Training PLUS mentoring and access to weekly group virtual marketing meeting

Learn Profitable Marketing
No Experience Needed!

Do you have a list of marketing activities you think you should be doing, but don’t even know where to start with it?


Do you wish someone could just tell you exactly what you need to do and, more importantly, HOW to do it to get the best return on your marketing dollars?


The Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp is as an online training membership with a personal mentoring  and community component in a group setting (via MS Teams).


This membership is ideal for anybody who wants to learn how to grow their business with marketing, and connect with and learn from other like-minded business owners.


As an added bonus, the weekly group "marketing meeting" video calls provide personalised feedback on your work as well as accountability, and you'll probably make some new business friends along the way, too.

You don’t need to know anything about marketing to join!


Doreen teaches you everything you need, and is available to review your homework and provide feedback every week in the live group video calls.

Practical Marketing Strategies that Make Selling EASY!

Doreen’s approach to marketing is highly practical.


Through her many years of sales and business development experience, her approach is results-oriented, meaning the only marketing strategies she really considers worthwhile are those that underpin your sales activities and achieve real results on your bottom line.


She believes that marketing done right can actually be seen as “selling in advance”. 


Therefore, all the strategies taught in the Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp are geared towards helping you grow your business by making selling easy using highly-effective (and 100% ethical) marketing practices.

Join our community of like-minded business owners! 

This is a monthly membership with no lock-in contract.


As a Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp Member, you receive unlimited access to all 36 video tutorials, worksheets, templates and weekly live group Q & A sessions.

To help you get started, you can access all our awesome training content 100% FREE for 3 months, right now!

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Learn Our Marketing Secrets

Learn all the hacks we use here at Fortissimo Marketing to help you save time and let you get back to doing what you’re great at, while your marketing works for you on auto-pilot!


If you’re sick of having to figure it all out yourself, you’re in the right place.


Doreen tells you exactly what you need to do and why, but she also explains in full detail exactly HOW you need to do it, and provides examples and templates to take the guesswork out for you. 


The best part?


You don’t have to spend a cent on advertising to apply the practices taught here!

Discover how to:

Develop a lead generation system that works on autopilot while you get on with your day

Use Facebook and Instagram to generate magnetic enquiries for your business

Generate high-quality leads on LinkedIn using Doreen's proven lead generation system

Identify your ideal client avatar

Create a clear and compelling message to speak to your market in no uncertain terms

Create attractive offers your prospects won’t be able to refuse

Position yourself as an expert in your field

Create great social media content consistently

Work "marketing-smart" (not hard)

Get great at selling without feeling salesy or sleazy

Put systems in place that will make selling EASY

Supportive Online Community

As a member of the Bootcamp, you also get access to our Members Only Facebook Group:

  • All your questions answered in LIVE group video calls

  • Feedback on your Bootcamp homework, public questions are welcomed as they'll help other members, too

  • Opportunities to promote yourself at specific times

  • Network with other participants and learn from each others' experiences in business and life.

  • Accountability within the group, because this is something most business owners lack!

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Bootcamp Training Overview

Each of the following modules comprises 3 video training lessons, each including worksheets, templates and action items.

Module 1

The Basics & Mindset

Get clear and specific about where you’re at right now, and what you want to achieve and what you need to focus on to get there.

Module 2

Marketing Fundamentals

Develop your all-important fundamental marketing message, upon which all future marketing activities will be based.

Module 3

All About Social Media – Facebook & Instagram

Module 4

LinkedIn Part One – Profile Optimisation

Module 5

LinkedIn Part Two – Doreen’s Famous Lead Generation System

Module 6

Social Media Content Creation Made Easy 

Includes Doreen’s system for content creation, as well as lots of examples and templates

Module 7

Video Content Creation & Mindset

Module 8

Easy, Step-By-Step Lead Magnet Creation

Module 9

Leverage Your Existing Assets to Drive Sales

Module 10

Non-Sleazy Sales Training for Non-Salesy Business Owners

Module 11

Leverage the Power of Automation

Module 12

Learn How to Systematically Generate Testimonials & Referrals

What Our Bootcampers Say…

“It was great. Like Marketing for Dummies (me) – clear steps provided to get everything organised in plain English. Build collateral in all areas… Highly recommend. 


Let’s just say that like most business owners, we are good at what we do for work… I’m a great bookkeeper but hopeless at marketing. This is where the bootcamp was so good!”

Kerri Minkie

The Bookkeeping Practice

“Our products aren’t what people buy spontaneously, unless they need them, they don’t want to know about them, and what’s more, what we build is likely to last 100 years so it’s not like it is a consumable product.


So why did I start your course – because I am always trying to improve. I think it is a great course.”

Brendan Firth

Stainless Steel Tank & Mix

“Doreen and Fortissimo have some great content in their courses.


For those who are brand new to business and marketing, there is a clear roadmap available to help you get the basics set up and well on your way to marketing your business..”

Jason Sexton

Guard Here Consulting

100% FREE
3 Month Membership Access


So... we've decided to make our Marketing Bootcamp available for FREE for any and all small business or start up owners out there, who feel they want or need to learn more about marketing!

It's tough times and we know that many of them struggle with their marketing - obviously our area of expertise.


For 3 months from sign-up date, get full access to ALL the content, including 36 video tutorials with all the worksheets, templates and check-lists you could wish for, to help you make selling EASY by leveraging marketing!

Additionally, join our weekly Marketing Meeting every Wednesday at 10.30am to workshop ideas, get feedback and connect with like-minded business owners.

We've seen our members experience significant growth by systematically applying our marketing strategies, and we want to help you do the same.

Yep, it's all free.

No credit card required to sign up.

No upsells.

No strings.

We are a busy marketing agency, and we're lucky and grateful to be thriving in times where so many businesses are struggling, so we just want to help out by making our knowledge and community available to anyone who needs it - simple as that.