The Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp

by Doreen Francois

"Doreen is the real deal. 

She is straightforward and doesn't hold back information, which just shows how competent she is and how much value she adds as a marketing coach.

Doreen is really interested in her clients, which makes her approach much more personalised, producing faster and effective results.

On top of that, she is fun and friendly, too! Totally recommend her!"

Cindy Pellegrino, Commercial Interior Designer

Want to finally make some time to work on your business for a change?


The Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp Starts 8th June 2020.

Learn How to Leverage Marketing to Increase Your Sales

Dear Business Owner,

As you most likely already know, the unfortunate harsh reality is that over 60% of small businesses fail within the first 3 years.


This is largely due to cash-flow issues, and one major contributor to cash-flow issues, is lack of sales.

The problem is, when you and I, as business owners, get busy delivering on the sales we do make, we often automatically take our foot off the pedal when it comes to our marketing practices.

I've certainly been there!

We fall into the trap of thinking that we'll get back into it once things calm down again but realistically, this is just way too late!

From experience, it takes around 90 days to rebuild that momentum after losing it...

Unfortunately, that's more than enough time for any small business to run into serious cash-flow issues again, and so the vicious cycle continues.


It's been my experience, though, that marketing, if done correctly, can actually be considered “selling in advance”.


I've made it my mission to help small business owners like yourself learn how to "do marketing properly", so you can sell more of your stuff, more easily (ie. on auto-pilot), and finally give cash-flow issues the flick for good...

...and then really start to grow your business!


Marketing-Fit in 90 Days


The Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp is a 12-week online program, designed by me, Doreen, using the very systems we use here at Fortissimo Marketing.


This includes our very own 5D Framework to Marketing Success and my counter-intuitive-but-super-effective-LinkedIn-Lead-Generation-Process - just to name a few!

Although I have a business degree with a major in marketing, and over 14 years of sales experience under my belt, this had in no way prepared me for the "real world" that hit me when I decided to take the leap into self employment and start Fortissimo Marketing!


I had to learn and develop marketing and sales strategies to get the company off the ground, just like you have to do for your business, too.

I want to help you shorten that learning curve by... well, a LOT! I want to give you everything I know so that you can finally get on top of your own business' marketing, without the years of trial and error, trying to figure out what works. 


Learn and implement practical marketing fundamental processes to promote your business effectively, generate leads and make more sales – without spending any money on advertising!

I'm making this really easy for you to follow and implement yourself.


In this online training program, I show you how to do everything you know you should be doing but don't even know where to start with it. I break it all down for you, take away the overwhelm, and give you the tools to finally get it right.


As with any bootcamp though, I'll need you to actually do the things I ask you to, if you want to get real results...


Because without action, nothing will ever change for you or your business!


But you already know that, though, right?! ;-)


What You Will Learn


In the Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp, you’ll discover how to –


  • Develop a lead generation system that works on autopilot while you get on with your day

  • Use Facebook and Instagram to generate magnetic enquiries for your business

  • Generate high-quality leads on LinkedIn using my fail-proof system

  • Identify your ideal client avatar

  • Create a clear and compelling message to speak to your market in no uncertain terms

  • Create attractive offers your prospects won’t be able to refuse

  • Position yourself as an expert in your field

  • Create great social media content consistently

  • Work "marketing-smart" (not hard)

  • Create marketing campaigns from scratch

  • Write good content that gets read

  • Put systems in place that will make selling your stuff EASY!


What Do You Get?


  • A step-by-step, systematic approach to building and implementing a successful marketing strategy

  • Learn how this integrates into your business and sales process

  • Weekly video learning modules, designed to start at the very basics and build upon each other each week

  • Weekly mindset videos to help you stay on track to achieving your goals, even when times get stressful

  • Actionable tasks (homework!) to help you implement the learning outcomes right away

  • A supportive group on Facebook to keep yourself accountable, practice what you learn, network and ask any questions you have along the way

  • Bonus challenges to complete if you’re up for it!

  • 24/7 email support

  • Weekly Q & A videos.

  • High quality marketing training that will help you grow your business

  • An understanding of consumer psychology, essential to communicating effectively with your target market

  • All the little “hacks” marketers use to make their lives easy

  • Structured templates for anything that requires creativity, to take the guesswork out for you

  • Loads of examples of successful content to help you develop your own

If this sounds like what your need right now so you can finally start marketing your business properly and creating the income you know you deserve, join us for the next live round!

"So how much is this going to cost me?!" - I hear you say...

Well, the cost for the whole course is only $290 as a once-off payment, or 12 weekly payments of $30.

Don't be fooled by the low price, though!!


The only reason I've set it this low is because I KNOW what it's like to do it tough, especially in the first year of business.

I KNOW how it feels to not know what to do next to turn things around.

I KNOW what it's like to lie awake at night, stressing about cash-flow and not knowing how to pay next week's rent.

I ALSO KNOW that what comes naturally to me - my talents in marketing - don't come naturally to you, which is why you're still here, reading this... am I right?! ;-)

So rest assured, the only reason I'm setting the price on this program so low is because I want to make it accessible to every small business owner out there that is willing to learn and take action.

100% Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee

If your business is doing it tough right now, I am willing to guarantee this course has the power to turn things around for you, if you let it.

Don't just take my word for it though.

Every Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp Membership comes with a 100% money-back guarantee!

If, by the end of the course, you feel you didn't get any value out of it in the way of new ideas, leads and sales for your business, all you have to do is contact us and we will give you a refund IN FULL, no questions asked.

The only thing we do ask is that you actually do the homework.

So, what are you waiting for?!

We start on the  8th of June 2020

I look forward to welcoming you on board and getting you marketing-fit in 90 days!

To your success,

Doreen François

Founder & Head Marketing Strategist

Fortissimo Marketing

P.S. In this day and age, success in business does really come down to how you position yourself in your respective market. The Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp will show you exactly how to do this, so you are seen as an expert in your field.

P.P.S. The Fortissimo Marketing Bootcamp teaches your step by step, how to put a marketing strategy in place with ease, that will work on auto-pilot for you, while you get back to doing what you're best at, WITHOUT SPENDING A CENT ON ADVERTISING!


Want to finally make some time to work ON your business for a change?


Next Live Round Starts 8th June 2020

Select the best payment option for you and join the community today!

Accepted Payment Methods:




Once-off Payment

(save $70)



12 weekly payments of $30

($360 in total)


Currency of transaction is Australian Dollars (AUD).

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