About Doreen

The Definition of Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and

Expecting Different Results." - Albert Einstein

Doreen Francois is a super-passionate marketing strategist

who loves nothing more than to help other business owners

dramatically grow their businesses with creative strategies

that will leverage their time and talents in the most effective



Doreen is degree qualified with a bachelor of business in

marketing and tirelessly continues to further educate herself

on subjects such as copywriting, consumer and behavioural

psychology and organic social media marketing. Yes, she's a

tad obsessed with it all!

With over 14 years of business development experience,

Doreen is not only focussed on helping you build your brand,

but also sees your subsequent success with a noticeable

increase on your bottom line as her very own  responsibility,

and will not rest until you get results.

The Fortissimo 5D Framework

Doreen is all about developing systems by which she can maximise your

results with accuracy each and every time. That's how she came to develop 

Fortissimo's 5D Framework. Doreen has found it to be a common-

sense approach to working with clients and helping them achieve the results

they are striving for.

This is an in-depth, multi-dimensional approach to identifying and analysing

your own business' products and services as well as your ideal target

market, and establishing the most practical and cost-efficient ways in which 

to reach them with the most relevant and effective marketing message.

As a result, the 5D Framework is integrated into all our services, and it's how we are able to systematise your marketing success!


If you'd like to have someone work with you, who is 100% on your side but with a fresh perspective to go through your business' previous marketing activities, help you make adjustments where necessary and develop a killer marketing strategy that will help you achieve your goals - and providing you're open to new ideas - Doreen is the one for the job! 

Read what our clients have to say, here.

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