The FREE 5 Day Challenge: Marketing Strategy for 2020

Starts Monday, 16th December 2019


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Many business owners I speak to on a daily basis, are in the same boat:

  • They know they need to up their game when it comes to their marketing but they have no idea where to start, and

  • They get so overwhelmed at the mere thought of their marketing "should-be-doing" list, that they end up doing nothing about it other than procrastinate and continue feeling overwhelmed!

Sound familiar?

Obviously, there is only so much we can do in 5 days without completely overwhelming everyone, but my intention is to help you gain clarity on what you're looking to achieve in your business in the New Year, and map out an effective marketing strategy that you can easily implement yourself, to help you hit the ground running.

I'll also be sharing all the little marketing hacks I've learnt over the years so you can save time and get back to doing what you're great at!

How it works

The challenge will be run in a closed, private Facebook group, and every day there will be a new video released.

In these videos I will be outlining a new step in the process with an actionable task for you to do, before moving on to the next day's task.

I will also be going live in the Facebook group every day to discuss the task at hand and answer any marketing-related questions you might have.

Simple actions taken each day will help you end the week with the confidence that you'll know how to tackle your marketing in 2020!

Are you ready to do things differently?

Come join the challenge and set yourself up for a great year in business with better marketing!


Registrations close 13th of December.

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